Although each one of our tours is unique and has been designed to educate and entertain at the same time, we are the first to admit that there’s many other ways to explore the treasures of Budapest.
Knowing that we probably couldn’t come up with a thousand more tour ideas, we’re asking you to let your voice be heard and tell us all about the way you’d like to spend your holiday!
All challenges will be accepted and at the end of a careful planning process you will get your custom-made tour entirely catering to your individual needs, interests and time – even if it means combining two or three existing tours!

All you have to do is drop us an e-mail about what you’d like to see and do in Budapest and we’ll do all the planning.
Be it food, drinks, architecture, history or culture, our guides won’t back down!

  • Thematic tours (WWII, Austro-Hungarian Heritage etc.)
  • Hungary’s vineyards
  • Countryside tours (Pécs, Eger, Hortobágy etc.)
  • Budapest’s Craft Beers
  • Budapest’s Ruin Pubs
  • Budapest’s Coffee Houses
  • Art Nouveau in Budapest
  • Photography tours
  • … and many more